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Blackcurrant & Liquorice Jelly 

February 2016
The team have been busy making marmalade and bottling honey. The winter has been very wet and our little patch of Somerset is very muddy. Some of the fruit trees are blossoming but the bees are still snug in their hives and we wonder what will pollinate this early blossom.

We have continued to make Fruit Vinegars every summer.  The Blackcurrant Vinegar has been very popular with customers over winter- a desertspoonful in a cup topped up with warm water is very comforting drink. It was a popular folk remedy in Victorian times for soothing the throat.

May 2015 - fruit to come
The new fruit season is almost here. Rhubarb has already been picked and turned into Rhubarb & Ginger Jam and the gooseberries are swelling - hopefully picking will coincide with elder flowers to make Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam.  After that of course we're into the berry season, redcurrants, blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, loganberries and here at Legglands Orchards we grow worcesterberries and boysenberries. Worcesterberries make a wonderful jelly but the boysenberries are a treat raw - eaten straight off the cane. Sorry!
The plum trees are looking a bit thin on fruit but it's hard to tell until they start swelling. The quince tree is covered in blossom as are the apples but the strong winds recently have swept the blossom off the trees and sprinkled a confetti of petals along the paths in the orchard.

7 March 2014 - Together Again! 
PLEASE NOTE WFM is trading in Fore Street outside the Co-op and High Street outside the Old Post Office (2015)
A lot has been happening over the winter.  Our main outlet is Wellington Farmers Market and for the last few months the market has been split between two locations - not the best arrangement for the market's customers or the producers. From Saturday 15 March we will be trading in High Street and alongside in the Wellington Community Centre in White Hart Lane.  Legglands Orchards will be inside the Community Centre.  We look forward to seeing you there. More details soon!

We've just had our first day of trading at Cotford St Luke producers market, at The Chapel pub Brilliant location, lovely people, a great place to go for coffee, lunches, and of course a regular pub. Very child friendly too. The market is held on the 1st Sunday of every month (except in April 2014 when it will be the 2nd Sunday - bear with them the venture is just getting off the ground).  

The Chapel, Cotford St Luke

March 2014
What a winter it has been. We haven't suffered like other parts of Somerset, but several apple trees were blown down, and the wind & rain have been incessant. There's mud everywhere. But the birds are singing, the evenings are lighter and the daffodils are coming out.

For most of February the house has smelled of oranges as we take full advantage of the short Seville orange season to make marmalade. There's a great deal of satisfaction hand chopping the orange peel, making sure the strips are similar lengths.  We're very pleased with our marmalade this year - Seville, 3-Fruit and Orange & Ginger.

hand chopping the oranges

18 October 2013
The Legglands team (all two of us) have been gathering apples, with the occasional help from friends. These are steadily being turned into apple juice, prepped & frozen for chutney making when the fresh supplies have run out, and adding with low-pectin fruits to make delightful jams & jellies.

Today, No1 cook has been experimenting with making fruit cheese. Not a single cow has been harmed in the process. Fruit cheese is a thick sliceable puree of fruit, eaten with cheese, or as petits fours. First attempt has been Apple & Pear Cheese. Chose this because there are plenty of pears and apples around and it wouldn't matter quite so much if it was a disaster. Saving the precious damsons for later when I see how the Apple & Pear turns out.

3 October 2013
 The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is a busy time at Legglands Orchards.
All the orchard fruits are ripening and the late summer vegetables. We've been picking & cooking, preserving the taste of all that wonderful produce.  New flavours include Smoky Tomato Chutney, a Chilli Tomato Sauce and, Yellow Courgette Chutney with Apricot.

We've been selling these at the Wellington Food Fair, Burnham-on-Sea Food Festival. Great events both. This weekend we're at Barrington Court for the annual Chutfest, Saturday 5-Sunday 6 October 11-4.30.

4 August 2013
wet sunday but took a quick walk between the showers around the Hen Orchard - recently vacated by sheep. 
Noticed this bumper crop of walnuts on the walnut tree.Think we might be making some pickled walnuts with the thinnings if we can get to them before the squirrels, not that we've seen many squirrels this year.
These are the walnuts after they've been soaking in brine before they are bottled.

2 August 2013
The currant bushes continued to crop well. Blackcurrants have finished but reds still cling to the bush and one whitecurrant bush produced 5k of fruit!
Having discovered the delights of fruit vinegars we have made several batches to supply our customers over the next few months. I think the fruit flavour in the vinegar is probably the closest to the original fruit of any of the preserves. At the Farmers Market I have to encourage customers to try the fruit vinegars "Try it" I say, "Go on, trust me, you won't be disappointed" it's such a thrill when they taste the Raspberry Vinegar and go "Wow!".

Fruit vinegars were frequently used medicinally in the 19th century. Modern recipes use wine vinegar but we substitute our own home-produced cider vinegar. There are so many uses for fruit vinegars, sweet & savoury. In salad dressings, mixed into coleslaws, marinades, adding to sauces. But then, on icecream or yogurt, in cakes (Chocolate and Raspberry Vinegar Cake?), or diluted with water, fizz, or alcohol to make all sorts of refreshing or indulgent drinks.
We have stocks of  Blackcurrant Vinegar, Raspberry Vinegar & Gooseberry Vinegar.
Fruit vinegars

July  2013
July has been such a busy month in the fruit garden. The strawberries came and went as did the the gooseberries. I have frozen a small amount of each to make into jam later in the year.  What's been keeping me really busy is all the currants, black, red & white.
Blackcurrant Cordial
Blackcurrants are a wonderful. The fruit can be used in so many different ways. So far we have made Blackcurrant Cordial, Blackcurrant Jelly, Blackcurrant Vinegar, Blackcurrant & Chilli Jam.

I use redcurrants to make a sparkling red jelly. Savvy chefs use it deglaze cooking pans. I like it best of all in Raspberry & Redcurrant Jam. The redcurrant lifts the already gorgeous taste of raspberries into the sublime.

As for whitecurrants, they are the Cinderella of the currant world, people see them as a novelty. They are a form of albino redcurrant and can be used in the same way.  They make a lovely pink jelly, more summery than redcurrant. Whitecurrants combine well with strawberry so look out for Strawberry & Whitecurrant Jam.

22 June 2013
Come to Cothay Manor Plant & Produce Fair this Saturday. You'll find us in the Gatehouse with lots of new flavours including Raspberry Vinegar, Blackcurrant Vinegar, Blackcurrant & Chilli Jam, Worcesterberry Jelly and our popular traditional flavours - Strawberry Jam, Raspberry & Redcurrant Jam;  prize-winning Apple & Raisin Chutney, Beetroot Apple & Orange Chutney, and there's still a few jars left of our Fruity Chutney with Peach.

Fabulous setting, house tours available.

25 May 2013
Come and see us at the Burnham on Sea Food & Drink Festival.  A lovely day out in Somerset. We're in the Princess Theatre.

23 March 2013
I am updating the website. Please be patient if some of the links are not working. If you click on the green Legglands Orchards label at the top it will take you back to the home page.

1 March 2013
Happy St David's Day.

Barrington Court's Chutfest has become an annual event for us.  This year we entered all the categories at Chutfest12 competition in October and won several prizes.

25 January 2013
Can't believe I haven't added any news for 6 months.

Looking at the last entry I realise this was quite a significant date for the Legglands Orchards team
.  We made several batches of Elderflower Cordial and an essential part of the process is tasting and comparing batches. While we were making the cordial Louise was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes - a bit of a shock to the system. I wonder if all that tasting & comparing tipped my blood sugar levels over the top?

We like to give our customers the best information about our produce, more sweet, less sweet; hot, hotter, hottest etc - and that's part of the
enjoyment we get from selling at the Farmers Market.  One of the first questions I asked the doctor was would I have to give up the business - how you can cook without tasting? She said not, but I have been ultra-cautious with how much tasting I do and am much more reliant on the Bee-man's sense of taste.

I am pleased to report that, with medication and by taking more care about what I eat, my blood sugar levels are back to normal.

More news about LeggOrch soon. We won some prizes!

13 June 2012
Elderflowers are everywhere.  We've stepped out and filled our baskets with lots of flower heads.  The house has smelt divine for days as the brew steeps.  Our Elderflower Cordial is made from fresh picked flowers, sugar, lemons, and a bit of citric acid for flavour and preservation.

We like to drink it with Soda Water but you can dilute with tap or spring water, lemonade or anything else you fancy.  For sale in 33cl bottles at Wellington Farmer's Market this Saturday.

1 June 2012
The last few jars of our glorious home-made Lemon Curd is on sale at Wellington Farmers Market tomorrow 2 June 2012. 

Lovely Jubbly Jubilee Jelly:  not really red white and blue but our Blackcurrant Jelly and Bramble Jelly decorated with pretty Jubilee lids, just right for your tea party.  BTW - you can add a spoonful of jelly to colour glace icing - so much nicer than food colouring.

22 May 2012
You can now buy a selection of Legglands Orchards home grown & home cooked chutneys at the Strand Stores, Culmstock EX15 3JH, just over the border in Devon.  Open 7 days a week.

18 May 2012
We have made some delicious Lemon Curd - customers have been asking us for it.  The recipe is simply unwaxed lemons, free range eggs, sugar, organic butter.  We do not use pasteurised eggs.

16 March 2012

Made a batch of Redcurrant Jelly today as stock is running low - it is such a store cupboard essential.  The lovely ruby red crystal-clear jelly is a traditional accompaniment to roast lamb but it's also a magical ingredient.  A dollop added to slow cooked casseroles, gravies and sauces intensifies the flavours.  It’s perfect with cheese, especially crumbly white cheeses or goats’ cheese.  Use it as a glaze on sweet flans, or to add a bit of oomph to Quick-Jel if you’re in a hurry.  It adds richness to any raspberry recipe.  A spoonful or two in Greek or whole milk yogurt is a treat.

The BBC food website found 82 recipes that include Redcurrant Jelly.  Gregg Wallace puts some in his Shepherd’s Pie  This recipe sounded rather delicious too

4 February 2012
Wellington Farmers Market:  had 2 requests for Lemon Curd on the same day.  Most of our recipes use home-grown fruit & veg, even the peaches for the Fruity Chutney with Peach, but will think about this.

1 February 2012
After requests for low sugar jam we have been experimenting with 'no added sugar' recipes.  Made a batch of Blackcurrant & Apple Jam (spread or preserve, not quite decided).   Not bad, a bit pippy and not as sweet as traditional jam.  On sale at WFM from 4 Feb.

January 2012
We're now at Wellington Farmers Market twice a month.
See us on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month in the Wellington Scout Hall 9am-1pm, entrance off Fore Street or from South Street Car Park.

October 2011

See us at chutfest 2011
Barrington Court, Illminster, Somerset
Saturday 1 - Sunday 2 October
10.30am -4-30pm

We have been trying new recipes during the summer.  Come & taste what we've been making . . .
    Red Onion Marmalade
    Red Tomato Marmalade
    Apple & Beetroot Juice

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